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Thursday, May 25, 2023
From our Campus Pastor, Jeff Burnett

As a pastor one of the things that seriously leaves me heartbroken is when I hear that people don’t feel loved or welcomed at a church. And yet, I know that many women choose to avoid worship on Mother’s Day because they feel left out if they don’t have biological kids of their own. This is why this Sunday, at Crosspoint, North Crestview we’re going to be celebrating all of the women who’ve made an impact in the lives of the next generation.

Yes, we want to say a huge thank you to all of our Moms! And we also want to acknowledge that there are all kinds of “non-biological mothers” in our lives as well. This can be foster moms, adopted moms, and aunts… but it also includes women who are teachers, coaches, mentors, life group leaders, volunteers in Kids and Student ministries, and so many others!

We are all called to invest in the next generation in one way or another, so our sincerest thanks go out to all of the women in our community who have invested their lives into those of the young people around them.

In Christ,
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Jeff Burnett
Campus Pastor

Jeremy Smith

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