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April 2, 2020

NOTICE: As you may know, Governor DeSantis issued a 30-day stay-at-home order effective Friday, April 3. To comply with this order, Crosspoint campus offices will be closed during that timeframe. We’ll have people regularly picking up mail and other deliveries. Staff members will be working from home. An on-call pastor will be available by calling (850)-830-0799. Worship services will continue online on Sundays: Traditional 8:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., and Contemporary 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

From our Missions Pastor:

What day is it? Have you been outside today? Are you wearing pants? The world is radically different than it was just a few weeks ago – and all of us are working through the chaos, all of us are feeling disoriented. This isn’t news to God, who doesn’t seem to mind confusing our well-laid plans from time to time. I hope that during this "upside down" season, you’re able to catch a fresh glimpse of God’s faithfulness and love.

In the mission world, we are thoroughly perplexed. Take heart, we’re just like you! All of the tools we have for doing ministry and outreach are relational tools – because that’s how God reached out to us in Christ. But we are all taking our responsibility to maintain social distance very seriously, which means we need to identify and develop some new and creative tools to do what God has called us to do.

What’s Happening in Missions: If you follow our Crosspoint Missions Facebook feed, you’ve seen a steady stream of simple ideas we’ve pitched that help us connect with and encourage people while maintaining social distance. Many of those tools are summarized in a top-ten list at – take a look to see what you can do right now to help people’s needs (which we are discovering are primarily relational at this point, people want to be seen and feel connected).

We know there will be a serious economic fallout from all of this distancing and we’re preparing for that right now. We are working with Feeding America to set up a large-scale grocery drive-thru in the next few weeks to help make sure people have access to meals. And as of this week, we’ve launched a short-term, all campus, online benevolence system to help with financial needs. Applications for emergency financial help can be made at . This online system will be up for, I don’t know, a while – everything is unprecedented!

Some Things Don’t Change: It’s been really cool to see the church, as a whole, remember that regardless of the social context – our job is making disciples and our methods are relational. Virtual Life Groups are popping up on every campus, and even groups that have existed for years are finding new ways to stay connected from a distance. If you’re not connected to a group – being ‘distanced’ is not a barrier…let us help you get connected!

This year, we will have an online Good Friday experience that I think will be very meaningful for you, and whoever is in your living room experiencing it with you! We are maintaining our standard “out of the box, highly creative” worship elements and this year, to make the most of our distributed format, we’re including some discussion time. Our Good Friday service will April 10 at 5:30 p.m. through our Online Campus, which you can access at . We will also release the service through our video channel and social media so you can participate anytime if you miss the live event. We will celebrate communion during the service, so think about securing yourself some bread and juice, or really any common meal element that reminds you of the body and blood of Jesus, since you will be taking and serving in your home, with whoever is near you.

The world will continue to change, and we will see other times of upheaval and confusion in our lifetime. But, like the disciples who stood up to an earthquake after Jesus died, we will carry on, being who God called us to be, in the power of the Holy Spirit God gave us, and we will let the words of the ‘earthquake angel’ wash over us: DO NOT BE AFRAID!

Amen, now let’s carry on with the work God has handed us in this bonkers season we find ourselves in.

Tyler Fuller signature

Tyler Fuller

-Tyler Fuller, Missions Pastor, from his home quarantine closet – with headphones on to drown out all of the kid noise.


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