Dear Crosspoint Friends,

Crosspoint will host in-person worship services starting Sunday, June 7, 2020. Each campus web page lists specific information regarding service times and available programs for Kids.

I want to share with you some of the modifications we’re implementing as we reopen our campuses. Keeping safety at the forefront of our minds, as you enter each campus, you will see our staff and volunteers wearing face masks. We strongly encourage everyone attending to also wear face masks. To assist with this, face masks will be available for everyone who does not have one. We want to PROTECT EVERYONE as best we can against the possibility of coming in contact with others who may be asymptomatic or unknowingly sick. Wearing a mask protects other people, because anyone could be unintentionally putting others at risk. There are members of Crosspoint who only found out they previously had COVID-19 through after-the-fact testing. If we all wear masks, we can make worship at Crosspoint safer for everyone.

For the time being, our worship services will be 50 minutes long. This will help provide time between services for everyone to exit in an orderly fashion as well as give volunteers time to clean the worship venue.

We want to keep you, our church, informed of all the safety measures and precautions we will take each week so you can make the most informed decision possible in regard to returning to in-person worship. Our safety actions include:

  • Hand sanitizer at each entrance.
  • The offering plates/buckets will not be passed.
  • Everyone is encouraged to wear masks.
  • There will be no paper programs.
  • There will be signs encouraging social distancing
  • We will clean worship venues and high-touch areas in-between services.
  • Water fountains will be closed and bathrooms will have limited access.
  • Greeters and staff will refrain from physical contact.
  • Doors will be held or propped open to reduce touch.
  • Communion will not be served initially.
  • Seating will be arranged to encourage social distancing.

While I imagine most of you are as excited as I am to begin in-person worship again, if you fall into a high-risk category, or if you are simply not ready to return to in-person worship just yet, we understand and encourage you to continue worshiping with us online. Our Online Campus will continue to stream services each Sunday (Note the new schedule: Traditional at 8:00 a.m. and Contemporary at 9:30 and 11:00 a.m.).

See you soon!

Rurel Ausley 150

Rurel Ausley, Lead Pastor

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