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Thursday, October 31, 2019

From Our Campus Pastor

Dear Church,

This is the time of year that many of us find ourselves feeling like we’re in a rut.  The “newness” of the school year has worn off, and although we’re starting to look ahead to the holidays… we know we have several more months of the daily grind and the holiday business before we get a little time off to rest and re-focus.  During these seasons it’s easy to check out mentally and just start going through the motions.  But is this what Christ meant when he said he’s making “all things new”? What would it look like if we resisted the urge to shift into auto-pilot, and we shifted into high gear instead? What if instead of just going through the motions, we let Christ re-invent what the motions look like?  

I’m excited to begin a new series this Sunday in which we’ll look at allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to continue to transform us, even in the mundane and the “ordinary” seasons in our lives. Join us this Sunday as we re-engage in allowing Christ to make us “Made New”.  


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Jeff Burnett, Campus Pastor

Jeff Burnett

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