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Thursday, September 28, 2023

 From our Executive Pastor, Greg McKinnon

Who Let the Dogs Out?

While serving as a Student Minister in Montgomery, Alabama, in the mid-1970s, Mike Kolen was a part of our church and became a good friend. You probably don’t recognize his name unless you are an avid football fan about my age or are really into football trivia.

Mike played a linebacker for Auburn University in the late 1960s and had a successful professional football career. Because of his hard-hitting style, he was nicknamed “Captain Crunch.” He played eight seasons as linebacker for the Miami Dolphins which included their perfect 17-0 season in 1972.

I would never have stepped on a football field with Mike (even a fun pickup game) because I would have been scared I might have been crunched by one of his punishing hits. But I never would have imagined that the possibility of a life-altering crunch would take place in his yard.

I had gone to Mike’s to see a baptism in his backyard pool. I had parked my car about a hundred yards from his house and was about halfway between my car and the house when I saw two dogs—a Doberman Pinscher and a Rottweiler—running toward me. Imagining how that Rottweiler could easily put my whole leg in his mouth and the Doberman could finish off whatever was left, was initially frightening. But then I thought, “If these are Mike’s dogs, I know he would not have them running free unless they are safe and friendly.” So, rather than being terrified, I continued to walk toward the house. Rather than being attacked, I was warmly welcomed by the fierce-looking duo.

When the circumstances we face in our lives seem overwhelming, rather than looking at all that could go wrong, we need to remember that we are in God’s yard, and he is in control.

Trusting my Heavenly Father,

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Greg McKinnon
Crosspoint Executive Pastor

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