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Thursday, May 19, 2022
From our Missions Pastor

Every year Crosspoint sets aside a weekend to focus on the needs of vulnerable children. We’ve spent time focusing on foster care, adoption, child sponsorship, advocacy (including Guardian Ad Litem work and foster/adoptive support structures), and short-term mission trips. There are so many ways we can respond to God’s call to be the church for vulnerable kids! This year we thought it would be fun, and fruitful, to take a different approach to our Orphan Sunday Focus.

A few months ago a contact from Families First Network (the child welfare agency in our community in charge of the entire foster care system) reached out and told me that Tony Dungee’s “All Pro Dad” foundation wanted to host a rally in our area related to foster care and adoption. After a few zoom calls, we learned that the No More Orphans Event, which All Pro Dad wanted to bring, was a great fit for us. Their philosophy and strategy in recruiting, retaining, and supporting a network of care for vulnerable children looked almost exactly like ours! So, with our local agency excited, and with All Pro Dad bringing support and funding, we decided that we’d host a community wide event in support of vulnerable children. The No More Orphans Experience. The experience will feel like a combination of an inspiring and exciting worship service, and a practical guide for the many, many ways we can support vulnerable children. The event will end with opportunities to meet and connect with some key partners who work in Orphan Care. Also, we will give you free dinner!

Want to learn about our partnership with Back2Back, a group doing great trauma informed care for orphans in Mexico—a group that will be a key part of our short-term trip strategy in 2023? Come on out! Want to learn more about being a Guardian Ad Litem, or part of a foster and adoptive parent support team? This event is for you! Thinking about becoming a foster or adoptive parent yourself? We will have resources? Don’t know where you might fit, but feel a tug to get more invovled? This is the right place for you to explore your options!

The event is free, but it will really help us get our food count right if you’d be willing to register: Sunday, May 22 at 5:00 p.m., Community Life Center.

Can’t make it Sunday? We are working with Good News Church in Walton County to host as well! You can register and attend at Good News for their Saturday, May 21 event here.

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