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Thursday, May 23, 2019

From our Associate Pastor

Dear Church:

Are you ready? To serve Jesus? At any moment? I visited one of our men in the hospital yesterday. Four of our Care Team had already beaten me to the punch. Mr. Patient was in such good spirits because his church was caring for him. A young mom who had a miscarriage recently received several cards and several meals from our campus. She was hurting but these loving acts lifted some pain. A terminal patient has a Stephen Minister who is there every week. She couldn’t make it without her.

Sunday, we had a non-English speaking guest show up. It “just so happened” that the only Spanish speaker we had on campus at that moment “just so happened” to walk to the parking lot where the first conversation occurred. He came in, had a tour and enjoyed the service. With a t-shirt in his hands, he energetically talked about coming back mid-week.

Sunday night, I texted a family, encouraging their student to register for Mission Northwest and commented about a scholarship. They were enthusiastic. But I was enthusiastic on Monday morning (12 hours later) when a volunteer commented to me that she would like to offer a full scholarship if I knew any student who needed one. Do I ever!

All of these Crosspoint people are ready, available and faithful. Join the crowd! Let me know if you’d like to be on one of our many ministry teams! Email me: [email protected]. In addition, keep your eyes open and ask Jesus to bring you an opportunity today. He loves those kinds of prayers! He answers them, so pay attention and do what He tells you to do!

Oh, and if your student hasn’t signed up to serve Jesus at Mission Northwest June 24 to 28, register now. Did I mention scholarships are available?

Signature Lisa Ausley
Lisa Ausley
Associate Pastor

Lisa Ausley

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