Start Your Monday Morning Mission


Nobody likes Monday morning. Back to work. Back to school. Back to the everydayness of life. But what if Monday morning wasn’t just about restarting the week, but re-engaging a mission? What if all day, every day you were living out your unique role in God’s kingdom? What if every interaction you have where you live, work, and play has an eternal purpose? We believe it does! Below is a list of resources to help you.

Roles of a Disciple

As we allow the Word of God to work in our lives we will see its impact through four areas known as the Roles of a Disciple. Click on the button for our self-assessment tool.
Self Assessment Tool
Each role as two assessment questions for you to ask yourself and others. Download the image to be used as your wallpaper or lock screen on your phone.
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Deployed Disciple

Who's Your One

3 Circles

Kingdom Builder

Leave a legacy of giving:
Give Now

Legacy Giving
Leave a legacy of giving:
Find a Place to Serve

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Check this web page each week as we add more resources for each Role of a Disciple.