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Thursday, May 16, 2019

From our Campus Pastor

I found kind of a weird passage in the Bible. Shocker, huh? At least, it seems weird to me. You may know a portion of it. It’s the passage in which Jesus goes into the temple courts and He drives out the money changers and those selling doves (Matthew 21:12-13). Jesus states that His house shall be a house of prayer. I love that. Oh, that’s not the weird part though. Anyway, right after that Jesus heals the blind and the lame. So it seems that His house will be a place of healing as well (Matthew 21:14). Oh, guess what, still not the weird part. All of a sudden children enter the scene and they are shouting, singing, and calling forth praise (Matthew 21:15-16). I don’t know why but this seems weird to me. This part of the passage has never really caught my attention until recently. 

His house will also be a house of PRAISE. And the Lord used children to show us this. The chief priests and the teachers of the law were indignant that children were singing praises. Jesus actually quotes the first part of Psalm 8:2 that says, “through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies.” 

Do you want to more easily give thanks to God through prayer?

Do you want to be healed from the worry of the daily grind of life?

God wants to establish a stronghold around us of prayer, healing, and praise! And I believe He often uses children to remind us in childlike faith to trust that He answers prayers, He heals wounds, He protects us through praise. Children also remind us that we are not only being the church for each other but also for the generations that will come after us. 

So, do you want to hear children sing?

Two opportunities are coming very soon:

  • Serve for Vacation Bible School.

  • Attend worship at Bluewater Bay on the fourth Sunday of each month this summer. We are inviting children elementary age and up to attend services with their parents for the singing portion of worship. 

More information below and we will see you there!

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Billy Russell, Campus Pastor

Billy Russell

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