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Thursday, August 6, 2020

From our Kids Minister

Hello Bluewater Bay Family,

Come, Meet, Grow, Serve is the simple way to state our mission here at Crosspoint. We believe that people should come as they are, meet Christ, grow in their faith, and find a place to serve to grow the kingdom of God. I am the new Crosspoint, Bluewater Bay Kids Minister. Ten years ago, my family and I started attending Crosspoint, Niceville. On my first Palm Sunday, I couldn’t tell you who or why someone was riding a donkey riding down a street while people waved palm branches at him. I later started serving in Kids Ministry. I learned and grew in my faith alongside the children I was teaching each week. Fast forward, and now I am a Kids Minister!

I grew up in Bluewater Bay and attended Niceville High School where I met my husband, Brian. We have four boys, Trey (11), Nolan (9), Cole (5), and Paxton (10 months). Also referred to as the Davis boys.

My vision for our children in these uncertain times is to teach them that God is good all the time and He is always with them. I feel blessed to partner with our amazing parents to deepen their children's faith and love for God. I ask you to prayerfully consider serving in our AWESOME Kids Ministry! We can’t do it without our volunteer team!

I don’t take this role lightly. I can’t wait to see how God works through our Kids Ministry team and impacts the NOW generation!


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Marisa Davis, Kids Minister

Billy Russell

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