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Love Sex Body ResourcesCheck out these resources to help you navigate through our Love Sex Body Series. Love Sex Body SeriesBooksLove Thy Body by Nancy R. PearceyBUY THE BOOKFor the Body by Timothy C. TennentBUY THE BOOKTheology of the Body for Beginners by Christopher WestBUY THE BOOKPodcastsJohn Mark Comer and Nancy Pearcey ConversationLISTEN TO PODCASTNancy Pearcey on Biblical Sexuality, Transgenderism, and the BodyLISTEN TO PODCAST

The Kingdom

The Kingdom of God is a common phrase in the Church, but what does it mean… and what does it look like? During this season of Advent we remember that through Jesus, God’s Kingdom has already broken into this world, but we also look forward to Jesus’ return when God’s Kingdom is fully revealed. But what are we looking forward to, what is The Kingdom of God like, and how can we help bring it in our world today?

Disconnected Message Series


Even our online connections can leave us feeling more isolated and lonely; like our life doesn’t measure up to everyone else’s. Especially as we approach the holidays, what do we do when we feel isolated and alone? How can we reconnect in a (dis) connected world?

Firestarters Message Series


The American church is very similar to a campfire. We envision ourselves sitting around enjoying it, basking in its warmth, and enjoying the company of good friends and family… but life gets in the way so we never really make it happen. Then when we do make time for it, the fire doesn’t seem as warm or bright as we imagined it to be. But Christianity was never meant to be a bonfire, something we sit around and watch. It’s designed to be a wildfire.