Disconnected Message Series


Even our online connections can leave us feeling more isolated and lonely; like our life doesn’t measure up to everyone else’s. Especially as we approach the holidays, what do we do when we feel isolated and alone? How can we reconnect in a (dis) connected world?



Counseling services are available to anyone at the Counseling Center, 199 Jones Avenue, Niceville, FL and also on the North Crestview campus at 6268 Old Bethel Rd. For an appointment, call: 850-279-4576 (Niceville) or 850-353-2677 (Crestview).

Life Groups


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Begin Again

Everyone needs a second chance (and more likely a third, fourth, fifth and on and on). What if God and your next chance were right around the corner? What if God’s not angry, but full of grace and mercy? Come begin the New Year by discovering this second chance God of redemption, all throughout the Bible, and choose to Begin (Again)!