Unused Gifts

Unused Gifts

We just celebrated God’s gift of salvation through the birth of Jesus. Through the letters to first century church, the Apostle Paul teaches about other gifts, spiritual gifts, that we receive from God when we accept our gift of salvation. Through God’s grace we receive these gifts to help build the body of Christ. As we begin to reset our priorities for the New Year, let’s commit to identifying and using our spiritual gifts to build the Church through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Disconnected Message Series


Even our online connections can leave us feeling more isolated and lonely; like our life doesn’t measure up to everyone else’s. Especially as we approach the holidays, what do we do when we feel isolated and alone? How can we reconnect in a (dis) connected world?

Firestarters Message Series


The American church is very similar to a campfire. We envision ourselves sitting around enjoying it, basking in its warmth, and enjoying the company of good friends and family… but life gets in the way so we never really make it happen. Then when we do make time for it, the fire doesn’t seem as warm or bright as we imagined it to be. But Christianity was never meant to be a bonfire, something we sit around and watch. It’s designed to be a wildfire.